With Certified Master Chef Ferdinand Metz, Listen in as we discuss:


Part 1

-Talk about the History of the American CMC

-You are the primary creator of the CMC exam and certification, why did you want to create it?

-How did you create it?

-What is the thought process behind the design of the Exam?

-What is a certified master chef?

-How do you become one?

-Originally 10 days, why,  Why 8 days?

-What was the thought process of the selected segments of the test?

-What are some of the key skills and traits required to be a master chef?


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The American Master  Chefs Order has created the AMCO Podcast to share insights and conversations with thought leaders and subject matter experts who have valuable experience to share.  Through the medium, we aim to educate, sustain, promote ideas, systems, and processes that our listeners can incorporate into their operations.  Our objective with the podcast is to open up hard topics and start conversations that are of value to all foodservice owners and operators.


The American Master Chefs' Order (AMCO), a 501 C (6) non-profit, was organized in 2014. The membership is made up of Chefs who have successfully completed the * American Culinary Federation's, (ACF) Certified Master Chef, (CMC) or Certified Master Pastry Chef exam, (CMPC).   Join our conversations about key topics in our industry.

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